Kick-off meeting of the AlterEn project

On March 18, 2022 KEnEU hosted the kick-off meeting of the new Erasmus + project «EU Centre of Excellence for Alternative Energy».
The availability of energy is one of the main factors in the development of the economy, but an analysis of the current state of the energy sector in Kazakhstan shows that the sustainable development of the fuel and energy complex requires the modernization of its technical equipment, the introduction of technological processes that reduce environmental pollution, advanced training of personnel, as well as the development and implementation of alternative energy sources.
The creation of the EU Center of Excellence in the field of alternative energy will provide an opportunity to promote European research in the northern region of Kazakhstan, improve the level of knowledge, skills and abilities of students - future specialists in the energy sector of the economy, improve the skills of existing specialists in this industry and develop regional cooperation between the academic and real sectors.
The kick-off meeting was attended by all members of the project team, including the European expert Professor Johannes Haas, as well as representatives of the alternative energy business, researchers, teachers and students. This event made it possible to form a common vision of the project implementation process, to familiarize stakeholders with our plans and gave an official start to the project.