EU Center of Excellence for Alternative Energy

This project is innovative for Kostanay Engineering and Economics University named after M. Dulatov and is interesting both from an educational and practical points of view. At the same time, the European Union has one of the world's best practices for using alternative energy sources. Therefore, the study and dissemination of this experience is strategically important both for Kazakhstan in general and for the Kostanay region in particular.
The creation of the EU Center of Excellence in the field of alternative energy will provide an opportunity to promote European research in the northern region of Kazakhstan, improve the level of knowledge, skills and abilities of students - future specialists in the energy sector of the economy.
Working packages of the AlterEn project

WP1. Project management and coordination

T1.1. Organization of coordination meetings

T1.2. Effective overall project management

T1.3. Interim Report and Final Report

T1.4. Defining a Project Quality Control Plan

T1.5. Project internal control and monitoring report

T1.6. External evaluation

WP2. Development of training modules and LLL courses, creation of a research group

T2.1. Best Practice Analysis
T2.2. Learning outcomes and competencies
T2.3. Development of training modules and LLL courses
T2.4. Development of Regulations on the activities of the EU Center of Excellence in the field of alternative energy and contractual documents with companies

WP3. Program implementation

T3.1. New training modules introduced

T3.2. New LLL program implemented

T3.3. Research work in progress (3 theses/projects, 5 articles, 1 monograph)

T3.4. Feedback report and final analysis

WP4. Dissemination and use of project results
T4.1. Distribution and operation plan
T4.2. Development of a visual image of the Center
T4.3. Project website design and customization
T4.4. Raising awareness of AlterEn
T4.5. Final Conference
Project team
Shayakhmetov Amangeldy
Project Manager
Johannes Haas
External project expert
Jabassova Zhanat
Project coordinator
Rostislavov Oleg
Member of the project working group
Pribylov Victor
Member of the project working group
Gorbenko Alena
Member of the project working group
Sabitbek Olzhas
Member of the project working group
Project Outcomes
D1.2 Quality control plan
D2.7 Regulation on the EU Centre of Excellence in Alternative Energy
D4.1 Dissemination and exploitation plan
D4.2 Visual identification
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